Friday, October 16, 2015

Europe: Shaked urges Europeans she meets to quit funding pro-BDS groups

The Jerusalem Post reports:

When Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked meets with her counterparts from around the world, she has a unique way of preparing for the meeting: She checks which anti-Israel NGOs the countries fund.

Then, Shaked presents the ministers with a list of the NGOs and asks them to put an end to funding them.

"I do this with every European minister I meet," she said. "Sometimes they have no idea. They think these are human rights organizations and don't realize they are working with BDS."
Shaked gave The Jerusalem Post the list she showed Spanish Justice Minister Rafael Catala Polo, who told her he opposes attempts to boycott, divest from or sanction Israel, during his visit in July.

The list includes six organizations, three in Israel, receiving a total of NIS 1,622,202, and three under the Palestinian Authority, receiving an unknown sum from the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (AECID).

Among the organizations mentioned were Breaking the Silence, which received funding for an Educational Project, and Shaked's chart said engages in "war crimes allegations, lobbying the EU and UN," Bimkom, which received over a million shekels for supporting Palestinian towns in Area C and is involved in "apartheid rhetoric [and] Beduin campaigns," and Hamoked, which AECID gave funds to for defending human rights, while the NGO supports "apartheid rhetoric and legal actions" against Israel.

The Palestinian organizations listed are Applied Research Institute Jerusalem, Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees and Al-Haq, all of which are active in BDS campaigns. Al-Haq also has ties to the PFLP terrorist group, according to Shaked’s chart.  Read more.

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