Friday, October 30, 2015

Europe: Funding NGO's "Excessive Force" Campaign

European governments talk about fighting antisemitism while at the same time funding groups that deny it. 

Via NGO Monitor:
Officials from the U.S. State Department, UN Secretary General’s office, and UNRWA have all made statements this week alleging that Israeli police and security personnel, in responding to stabbing and other terror attacks against civilians, have uncritically repeated NGO claims that Israel has used “excessive force” in stopping the attackers (See Appendix 1 for statements). Articles with similar content have appeared in the international media.

This theme is a central tactic of politicized NGOs (and the Palestinian Authority) that seek to criminalize Israeli self-defense, and it has appeared frequently in NGO statements since the terror campaign intensified on October 1. The NGO statements apply a unique, unrealistic and unreasonable standard to actions of Israeli security forces. They also erase efforts by emergency responders and doctors to save the lives of injured terrorists.   

In addition, despite video evidence and severely injured victims, a number of NGOs question or reject the reality of these terror attacks.  more

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