Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Belgium: Human Rights League upset that I called gun-toting Jew-killer wannabe an antisemite

 Yesterday I posted that the Human Rights League, Belgium's leading anti-racist organization, organized a conference with one of Belgium's leading antisemites, Dyab Abou Jahjah.

In response, I got a long comment from Alexis Deswaef, president of this distinguished group.

The short-short summary:
1. He has never seen anything to suggest that Abou Jahjah is an antisemite, and in fact he thinks it's a right-wing conspiracy to discredit Abou Jahjah.
2. His organization was founded by a Jew and fights antisemitism.  Therefore no self-respecting antisemite would want to be associated with his organization.
3. By attacking his organization, I'm shooting myself in the foot, since he's the one fighting antisemitism, and I'm preventing him from engaging in this crucial task with my frivolous complaints.

Gotta love the logic of #2.  Antisemites won't associate with me, therefore, by definition, anybody I associate with can't be an antisemite.  QED. 

Deswaef thinks he knows what antisemitism is.  And therefore, when a Jew complains about antisemitism, the correct response is to lecture them that they're wrong and that they should not complain.

 I'm not going to repeat my complaints against Abou-Jahjah. I am also not going to repeat the long list of cases in which European so-called anti-racist groups justify and honor antisemites.   I'll just say that the situation is so bad that I intend to add "Anti-Racists" to my perpetrator list.

Just keep in mind.  This is the guy that Belgium's premier anti-racist thinks is an acceptable choice to invite for a discussion:

Abou Jahjah joined the Hezbollah in 2006, to kill Jews

Abou Jahjah thinks Holocaust denial is a joke

The cartoon above, posted by Abou Jahjah as his Facebook profile a few years ago, is Abou Jahjah's attempt to show that Holocaust jokes are treated differently than Muhammad cartoons. 

Man next to skeletons: "I don't think they are Jews".   "We have to get to the 6,000,000 somehow! 

And here's another cartoon posted by Abou-Jahjah's group, the Arab European League, in their fight against the Muhammad cartoons:

But, I guess Abou Jahjah is wrong, because apparently, Deswaef  and his Human Rights League see no problem with Holocaust jokes.  Or Holocaust denial, for that matter.

The fact that Abou-Jahjah wants to commit genocide against Jews in Israel, that he has led riots against Belgian Jews and that he engages in Holocaust denial carries no social sanction in Belgium.

Deswaef is not the only Belgian who doesn't see a problem with Abou-Jahjah.  It's just that I expect a guy who supposedly fights antisemitism to fight this tendency to socially accept antisemites and not support it.

How Belgian Jews can sleep at night when they know Deswaef and his organization are the ones charged with fighting against antisemitism is really beyond me.

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