Thursday, October 29, 2015

Poland: Vandals spray swastikas on set of Israeli film in Poland

An Israeli film crew who arrived in Lodz, Poland, to begin shooting director Avi Nesher's movie "The Sins" found the set defaced by swastikas and knives. 

Nesher, whose films have won multiple awards in Israel and international acclaim, said that the day before his crew arrived, the crew of another movie had been involved in an incident with local residents. 

"When the residents were informed that the next day an Israeli film would begin shooting, [their behavior] crossed over into violent anti-Semitism, what they called an 'intifada,'" Nesher said. 

In light of the anti-Semitic threats, Polish police decided to ramp up security on and around the set, and assign the actors bodyguards.

"The Sins," set in 1977, tells the story of two sisters who are driven apart by a dark secret but are forced to work together to keep their parents from discovering it.

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