Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Denmark: "The Jewish State should be wiped off the map", says TV4 editor

This story is from two weeks ago. 

Via Ekstrabladet:

Torben Lund is a former minister for the Social Democrats, and a current editor at TV4.

He recently posted about the Israel-Palestine conflict on Facebook, saying as follows: " The Jewish State is led by terrorist pigs, Israel should be wiped off the map"

The statement was made in a group called "20,000 signatures for Palestine in the media".  The group posted a picture of a Palestinian girl that it claimed Israel executed for no reason.  Ekstrabladet could not find anything about this girl and where the picture had come from.

Lund explains he didn't mean "wiping Israel off the map" in its literal, physical sense.  He 'just' means that Israel should be dismantled as an apartheid, terrorist regime.  He understands the need to establish a Jewish state after everything the Jews went through during the Holocaust, but he thinks the way it was done is the biggest security-policy mistake since WWII.

Lund has previously been accused of antisemitism, but he says he's only criticizing Israel and that's not antisemitic.

"I have nothing against Jews, Muslims, Christians or Hindus.  But I have a problem with the way the Jewish state, Israel, is run.  I've been accused of being an antisemite, and for some strange reason that's always done when people criticize Israel."

In February, Lund accused Jewish journalists in Denmark of "Jewish propaganda" against Muslims.  But, remember, he has noting against Jews, he's just a 'critic' of Israel.

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