Sunday, October 18, 2015

Norway: Academics, media wonder why Israel is killing Palestinan kids

Via Dagbladet (h/t On Elpeleg):

Hilde Henriksen Waage, Professor of History at the University of Oslo, is concerned about the fact that Israelis are killing Palestinians who commit stabbing attacks.

"In a democratic state like Israel, or so they think, it's shocking that there's no debate about the fact that people can shoot and kill Palestinian youth who stab Israelis", she says.

(There actually is a debate, but let's not let facts intrude on our opinions)

In any case, journalist Trym Mogen thought that this sentence is worthy of a headline: "Shocking that they can just kill Palestinian youth who stab Israelis".  He also points out the "death tally" of Palestinian (attackers) vs. Israeli (victims).

Maybe instead he should have listed how many terror attacks took place, how many times the attacker tried to kill the police who tried to arrest them and in how many cases the terrorist was killed.  But then, that would be actual reporting and might give the wrong impression that Israelis are under attack and are responding as best as they can.  We don't want that.

Waage says that she considers knife attacks terrorism and blind violence, but she thinks the punishment shouldn't be death.  "They should be arrested, jailed and face a court," she says.

I invite Waage to try and "arrest" a guy trying to stab her.

Waage thinks that Israelis are "punishing" Palestinians by killing terrorists intent on killing as many JEws as possible.  It does not occur to this professor of history that maybe, just maybe, Jews are acting in self-defense, and that in quite a few cases, the terrorist continued to try and attack after he was first shot and injured.

For example, in one of yesterday's stabbing attacks, a policeman shot and wounded a terrorist.  A snapper was called in to ensure he didn't carry explosives on him.  While he was checking him, the terrorist took out another knife and tried to stab him.   The terrorist was shot dead.

Norway, btw, can lecture Israel, because they had one terror attack and did not kill the terrorist.  And it only 'cost' them 70 kids.  I guess that's a price Norwegian society is willing to pay.  I wonder how many similar terrorist attacks they'd be willing to undergo and how many kids they're willing to sacrifice so they won't have to "punish" terrorists who go on a murderous rampage.

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