Tuesday, November 24, 2015

EU panic:"They used to only target Jews, but now they are going after us normal people!"

There is real shock in Europe that non-Jews are being indiscriminately targeted and killed by islamists.

Comments lifted from Twitter:

Jeffrey Goldberg:
- Belgian justice minister unhappy that ISIS isn't limiting itself to Jewish targets, but targeting the "public".

Omri Ceren makes some valid points:
- Top official in EU capital: now that jihadists have moved beyond just murdering Jews, we have to switch to Plan B.
- Roughly once a century, Europeans relearn you can't solve Continental tensions by just letting Jews get slaughtered.
- Problem w/ going on TV when you're exhausted is sometimes you complain jihadists have moved past just killing Jews.
- Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out -- because it was much more fashionable to rail against Netanyahu for settlements.
- Belgium justice min discovers 1 problem w/ letting terrorists take out frustration on Jews: you run out of Jews.
- Belgium officials distraught that Muslim terrorists have moved beyond targeting Jews.

Via Elder of Ziyon:

From The Guardian:

Europe’s de facto capital faces an unprecedented security lockdown this week after Belgian authorities imposed a slew of safety-first measures to prevent a “serious and imminent” terrorist attack.

Schools, universities and kindergartens will be shut on Monday and the metro, shuttered all weekend, will remain closed, as counter-terrorist forces intensify their search for a network of Islamist militants involved in the Paris attacks.

On Sunday soldiers patrolled the streets with armoured vehicles outside the main stations and in public spaces.

...Geens, the justice minister, said that the Paris attacks had shown that the profile of potential targets had changed.

“It’s no longer synagogues or the Jewish museums or police stations, it’s mass gatherings and public places.”
Now that it isn't only Jews being targeted, we have to get serious about security!

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