Monday, November 30, 2015

France: "Muslims are humiliated by Jerusalem in Jewish hands"

Via Israel Hayom:

An Israeli journalist interviewed a resident of Saint Denis, Muhammad Mahdud, who told him: 

"Muslims can't accept the humiliation of the Palestinian people.  There are more than a billion Muslims in the world, and if there's one thing that unifies all of us, it's Al-Quds.  As long as Al-Quds is not returned to Muslim hands, as it always was, Muslims will feel humiliated.  Besides, Israel is an invention of the West.  Before Israel existed there were no problems between Muslims, Christians and Jews".

"The founding of the State of Israel caused an historical distortion in the entire Middle East.  When you want to solve a problem you need to go to the source.  Returning Al-Quds to the Muslim world will already be the beginning of returning world order."

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