Sunday, November 22, 2015

France: Gov't, media, treat ISIS attacks on Jews as 'backlash' to Paris attacks

Last week, ISIS terrorists killed more than 130 people in multiple, coordinated attacks in Paris. 

A few days later, there were two separate attacks in Marseille.

In one, a Muslim woman was attacked with a box-cutter.

In another, a Jewish man was stabbed by ISIS-supporters.

While the first one can be seen as a 'backlash' or 'response' the Paris attacks, The second incident is obviously a continuation of the same terror wave, except this time it was directed specifically at Jews.

But this isn't how the French see it.

Both were grouped together and classified by the government and the media as "racist attacks".

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve expressed outrage at "these cowardly anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic attacks".

And here's a few examples of how it was reported in French and British papers:

TF1: 2 racist attacks after the [Paris] attacks

Le Parisien:  Racist attacks in Marseille

RFI: Anti-Semitic, Islamophobic attacks in Marseille after IS Paris attacks

Sunday Express: Muslim woman slashed with box-cutter as hate crimes spiral after Paris attacks (attack on Jew is mentioned in subtitle)

Mirror: Paris attacks backlash as Muslim woman wounded with box cutter after Jewish teacher stabbed

People think Jews are leaving France because they are being targeted by Muslim terrorists.  But that's only part of the story.  The major part of the story is that when terrorists attack  Jews, nobody thinks it's a terror attack.  It's just an 'antisemitic' or 'racist' crime, and will be treated as such.

Nobody will go to war when Jews get attacked.  Not over a trifle like a hate crime. 

And that's why French Jews are leaving France.

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