Monday, November 23, 2015

Spain: News anchor reports on 'poweful Jewish lobby'

Via Observatorio Antisemitismo (translation by ariminak):

On November 9, on Antena 3's news programmes 'Noticias 2', the news anchor, Alvaro Zancajo, said before introducing a video:" The influence of the Jew lobby in the world and specially on the United States is an evidence, but to see that reality, watch it, is really different. The mise-en-scene of their power is produced once a year when they celebrate The International Conference of their more powerful stream of Judaism."

To talk about the world power of Jewish people and their influence emphasizes stigmas and stereotypes without any foundation that have chased the Jewish community and it has served to create hate and rejection towards us

Immediately upon receipt the complaints of the FCJE ( Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain) Antena 3 sent a letter asking for apologies and issued a rectification.

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