Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Germany: Turkish-funded group posts anti-Semitic quotes online

Via Jerusalem Post:
The Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs in Germany (DITIB), a satellite religious organization for Turkey’s religious affairs department, has removed anti-Semitic quotations from its website after bloggers and journalists exposed them last week.
A screenshot of the city of Melsungen’s DITIB webpage lists 30 anti-Jewish quotations, including from the Koran and the Prophet Muhammad.

A sampling of the webpage contained such quotes as: “The Jews are cruel and malicious,” “the Jews are stingy,” “[the Jews] lie and cheat,” “Jews violate contracts and promises,” and “they [the Jews] falsified the Torah.”

“Anti-Zionism, and thereby anti-Semitism, sentiment have clearly increased over the years among Muslims with a Turkish origin,” said Daniel Neumann, director of the Hesse State’s Jewish community, in an interview with the Die Welt newspaper.

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