Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Spain: Politician says BDS law would mean ‘rethink’ of Jewish music fest

Don't expect any condemnation from the anti-Zionism movement.  

Via JTA:   
A far-left lawmaker from the Spanish city of Cordoba said that a local Jewish music festival would need to be rethought if a motion she had submitted in favor of boycotting Israel passed.
Amparo Pernichi, Cordoba’s alderwoman for landscape and infrastructure, linked Israel to the music festival during a news conference earlier this month, the Spanish news agency Europa Press reported. Following controversy in local media over her statements, the draft motion was rejected by the Cordoba City Council on Nov. 10.

However, a similar motion passed the same day in the northern city of Santiago de Compostela.
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At the Nov. 4 news conference Pernichi, who represents the United Left party, was asked whether her draft motion would spell the end of the International Sephardi Music Festival. The festival has been held since 2002 in Cordoba, a city in southern Spain that was a major cultural hub for Jews before their expulsion from Spain in the 15th century.

“If the motion really passes, one would need to rethink it,” Pernichi said.

She later wrote on Twitter that “one needs to separate anti-Zionism from anti-Semitism.”  

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