Thursday, November 12, 2015

Germany: Holocaust memorials targeted with anti-Zionist, Holocaust-denying graffiti in honor of Kristallnacht

Via Autonome Neuköllner Antifa (Translation with thanks to Daniel):

A Shoah memorial at the Levetzowstraße was defaced with slogans [first of these is a linguistic pun in German] “Lied joke 1058”, “learn the truth, read revisionist list”, “listen to the truth no matter who tells it”

Another Shoah memorial at the Putlitzbrücke was defaced “gas chamber lie” ,”Holohoax, the perpetrators are Zionists”, “9/11 false flag”

Another memorial on the Ellen-Epstein-Straße, the historical railways at the deportation train station from the project “They were our neighbours”,  was defaced with “All a lie!”

Property in Marzahn-Mitte and two more installations in Marzahn were damaged with anti-semitic graffiti. A glass window has a big J painted on it and a star of david.

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