Monday, November 23, 2015

Switzerland: Famous imam Hani Ramadan hints Mossad behind Paris terrorist attacks

Conspiracy Watch reports that Hani Ramadan, who heads the Islamic Centre of Geneva, has indicated that the Paris terror attacks perpetrated by Muslims had nothing to do with Islam and hinted that the Mossad might be behind the butchery.  "Let's start monitoring the Mossad," he said on November 18.

Wikipedia: Hani Ramadan:

"Hani Ramadan has recently attracted the attention of the press and Swiss authorities by virtue of his radical statements such as that expressed at the 2014 meeting of the Union of Islamic Organizations in France, when he stated: "All the evil in the world originates from the Jews and the Zionist barbarism."

Hani Ramadan is the brother of Tariq Ramadan, the darling of the Belgian media, academia and political establishment.  He has never distanced himself from his brother's views.  He is yet again invited to Brussels to the BOZAR and was a keynote speaker at the prestigious Belgian Royal Academy on freedom of speech...

Alan Johnson writes in the Telegraph: "according to the US essayist Paul Berman “Ramadan reveres [the Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide], Sheikh al Qaradawi above all other present-day Islamic scholars, and in one book after another he has left no room for doubt about his fealty. If anyone in the world offers a model of modern enlightened Islam, Ramadan plainly judges Qaradawi to be that person.” That’s the same Qaradawi who, as Peter Tatchell points out, “condones suicide bombing, the killing of civilians, female genital mutilation, forced veiling, wife-beating and the killing of Muslims who turn away from their faith. He also blames rape victims who dress immodestly and supports the execution of LGBT people.”

Hassan al Banna, who in 1928 founded the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, is their grand-father.

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