Friday, November 20, 2015

Italy: Bob Dylan demanded extra armed security for concert in Bologna

 As a Jew, Bob Dylan understands he is a choice prey for European Islamists.

Bob Dylan, who is currently on tour in Italy, reportedly asked for beefed up security measures for his show in Bologna on Wednesday, more than likely due to the terrorist attacks in Paris last week. The 74-year-old tambourine man wants 12 armed guards around the venue—in the crowd, at the entrances, backstage, etc. And who can blame him?
Reported The International Business Times:
Giorgio Zagnoni, artistic director of the Bolognese auditorium, confirmed Dylan’s request to the Corriere della Sera newspaper. He said that it was the first time a performer had demanded extra security at the venue.
Prince, U2, the Foo Fighters, Motörhead, Deftones have cancelled European shows, but Dylan keeps rockin’ on, like a Rolling Stone (with 12 armed men as protection).

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