Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Syrian dissident: “Europe’s reaction to anti-Semitism encouraged ISIS”

One of the terrorists harassed Jewish kids at school.   Jews in Molenbeek suffered antisemitic harassment for years.

But Europeans accept, understand and justify Muslim antisemitism.  They don't think it has anything to do with them.  

Via Jerusalem Online:
In an exclusive interview with JerusalemOnline, Syrian political dissident Aboud Dandachi believes that it was just a matter of time before ISIS attacked Europe: “ISIS hates the idea of Europe serving as a sanctuary for Muslims.  Their view of the world is the Muslims verses the rest and they would like nothing better than to provoke a backlash in Europe against the refugees.  They want their Caliphate to be the only place where Sunnis can look for refuge and Europe should have seen this coming.  Since last summer, anti-Semitism has been building up.  It is an environment conducive to such attacks.  You can’t ignore anti-Semitism and then think terrorists won’t be emboldened in Paris.

Dandachi stressed that the Jewish people are always the first target but they are never the last: “It has happened again and again throughout history.  What happened after Charlie Hebdo?   Nothing!   People went out and bought issues of the magazine but they still tolerated hate speech and acts of anti-Semitism in their midst.  You don’t fight against terrorism with big Police operations after the fact.  You nip it in the bud by rejecting it and confronting it every day.  Ordinary people have a crucial role to play in containing extremism.  If it comes in a million man march after the fact, it is already too late.”

According to Dandachi, by not confronting extremism in European society as early as last year, “Europe missed the signs.  Extremism always starts with anti-Semitism.  It’s not a problem just for the Jews.  It’s a symptom of something much worse to come and frankly, Europe’s response to the growth of anti-Semitism has been appalling.  People don’t just make the jump from normal dude to bloody maniac.  There are a lot of steps in-between.  If you see a Jew being accosted in the street, don’t be silent.  If a bunch of thugs try to intimidate a Jewish restaurant, go eat there.”
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