Sunday, November 22, 2015

UK: Jewish man accused of being a child killer when he revealed his background

Via Everyday Antisemitism:
A Jewish man from London sent in the following report:

 In October I went for a drink with a non-Jewish woman I met through the dating app, Tinder. It was a good-humoured experience until right at the end of the evening when it came up in conversation that my background is Israeli-Jewish (my mother is from Israel but I was born and raised in Britain). At that point the woman, a 29-year-old social worker and Green Party member, launched a furious personal attack on me, yelling, pointing her finger and making racist comments, including accusing me of personally of being a child killer, saying: “Israel has been grabbing land, killing innocent people, including children – and you probably did that too.” Other comments included claims about “you and your people” being responsible for various wrongdoings and “I wish I’d know this earlier”, suggesting that she racially profiles men that she dates.
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