Monday, November 23, 2015

UK: Scottish universities ignore harassment of Jewish students

Via Herald (h/t CFCA):
JEWISH students at universities are "denying or hiding" their identity because of discrimination, according to new claims.

The Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (Scojec) said it had evidence university staff had criticised student work on Israel because they did not agree with the point of view being expressed.

The council, which is the representative body for Jewish communities across Scotland, also said Jewish students had been "hounded" for not attending medical lectures on the Jewish Sabbath, which begins at nightfall on Friday evening.

One student told Scojec: "I was told by my university that either I sit exams on Shabbat or I fail."

In another case, a student said she no longer went to the business school or library and was worried about attending classes "due to fear of being harassed or attacked".
Scojec also accused universities of not taking action when concerns had been raised adding: "It is troubling that when the Jewish Student Chaplaincy Scotland has intervened with the support of Scojec to assist Jewish students who find themselves subject to abuse, our concerns have been dismissed by senior university staff who appear not to recognise that there have been failures."

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