Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Germany: Political rally in support of killing Jews

In Israel, children are being murdered.  In Berlin, this passes for 'armed resistance'.

Via reader:

On 15 November 2015 leftists groups and other organizations called for a rally in Berlin-Neukölln (Germany) demanding »Freedom for Palestine and Kurdistan!«. The call for the rally belittled and justified the current knife attacks on Jewish Israelis. The organizers wrote: »we clearly support the right of every colonized population to armed resistance! Once again the Intifada is flaring up. It is a consequence of the ongoing oppression, expulsion and ethnic cleansing of the Israeli Apartheid state.« (Source:

While the rally was about to start marching one person displayed an Israeli flag to protest against the antisemitic facets of the rally. Immediately several participants of the rally aggressively approached the protestor to attack them physically. The police prevented the attackers from harming the protestor. Nevertheless the police forces prohibited the display of the Israeli flag because »it is a provocation« as one officer said. When the protestor tried to raise the flag again the police arrested them on suspicion of »Landfriedensbruch« (english: »breach of the peace«). This accusation was not kept up and the protester was released from provisional arrest after one hour.

The attackers were not arrested

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