Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ireland: Irish MP calls for new Intifada to overthrow 'barbaric' Israeli regime

Yesterday the Irish parliament debated a motion in support of a Palestinian state.

Various MPs decried the 'genocide' in Palestine and called for economic sanctions against Israel

Mick Wallace, an independent politician, reminded people that the Jews pillaged and raped Palestine.
As it turns out, only three Israelis were killed in Israel by the "toy rockets" that Hamas was firing in the other direction. 
People might forget but, in 1948, the Jews expelled, massacred, destroyed and raped in Palestine. As a result of that campaign, 500 Palestinian villages and 11 urban neighbourhoods were destroyed. Some 700,000 Palestinians were expelled and several thousand were massacred. It is called "genocide".

Paul Murphy of the Socialist Party called for an Intifada to destroy Israel.
[Abu Ein's] death is horrific and yet another illustration of the barbaric nature of the Israeli regime. 
It is a regime that routinely slaughters the people it holds in the open-air prison camp that is Gaza, an area in which residents live in conditions of extreme poverty and extreme difficulty. It is a regime committed to the oppression, discrimination and persecution of the Palestinian people and opposed to any viable Palestinian state. It is a regime that cannot be reasoned with or brought to justice through international pressure.

This regime must and can be overthrown by the Palestinian people through the development of a new intifada along the lines of the first intifada, involving mass protests at checkpoints, mass strikes and mass movement from below.

Paul Murphy might not be aware but 160 Israelis were killed in the First Intifada.  And that's because Palestinians didn't have so many weapons at their disposal as they do now.

The 'mass movement from below' was aimed at killing Jews. That is what Murphy is calling for.

In the Second Intifida, which broke out after the Palestinian Authority had its own army, about 1000 Israelis were killed.

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