Wednesday, June 24, 2015

France: Catholics chant "Israel assassin" during rally in support of persecuted Christians

Many Europeans are still being taught that the United States, Israel and the Jews (their lobby and the Jewish mafia) control the world.

The Times of Israel (in French) reports that during a demonstration held in Paris on 20 June at the initiative of a catholic institution, CIVITAS, to protest the way Christian minorities are mistreated in Syria, Irak, Saudi Arabia and the Islamic State, anti-semitic slogans were proffered.

Alain Escada, the head of CIVITAS, criticized the hypocrisy of politicians, both on the right and on the left, who do nothing.  He went on to accuse Washington and Israel of forming an axis intent on "imposing a new and destructive world order".  When they heard the accusation, demonstrators shouted "Israel assassin".

Anne-Laure Joly who was at the rally posted an article on Riposte Laïque.  She was appalled that an initiative meant to draw attention to the terrible situation of Christians in Muslim countries had been turned into an antisemitic event.  She alerted the organizers and the police but to no avail.  She left the rally.

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