Thursday, June 18, 2015

France: Hyper Cacher terror victims told to keep low profile and not to talk about indemnification

Le Figaro (8 June) featured several articles about the victims of terrorism.  The newspaper mentioned the problems facing the survivors of the the Hyper Cacher shooting.  They do not seem to be addressed and victims feel vulnerable and insecure.

None of the employees at the kosher deli did go back to work.  Shoppers say that business hasn't picked up.

Those employees who are looking to move house are facing difficulties too.  Landlords usually ask prospective tenants to produce pay slips, but a pay slip with the Hyper Cacher logo is considered unsuitable by both landlords and estate agents. A witness confided that they are being avoided like the plague and that their lives are in tatters.

And to add insult to injury victims are being advised to keep a low profile and not to raise the issue of indemnification because of the widespread tendency to stereotype Jews as greedy - for Jews the only thing that matters is money [1]. 

Killed by Ahmed Coulibaly:
Yoav Hattab (L) and Yohan Cohen.
Philippe Braham (L) and Francois-Michel Saada.
[1] "Parmi les victimes d'Hyper Cacher, une autre remarque circule, terrible: 'Ne vous faites pas remarquer, ne dites rien sur les indemnisations.  Sinon on va encore dire que les Juifs ne pensen qu'à l'argent"."

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