Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Germany: public 'unconcerned' over anti-Semitism

Via i24 News:
Germans more worried about Islamophobic attacks, climate; Jewish body calls to raise awareness of Holocaust

Germans worry more about anti-Muslim racism than anti-Semitism. According to a new survey, the number of Germans who express concern over crimes and discrimination against Muslims is double the number of those worried about violent acts targeting Jews. The survey, conducted last week for the European Jewish Association (EJA), also found that only a quarter of the German public believes that the EU should intensify the measures taken to eradicate anti-Semitism.

The European Research Institute YouGov, which surveyed online a representative sample of 1,991 adults, found that the German public ranks the problem of anti-Semitism only in ninth place out of ten challenges that European society needs deal with it.

Most Germans viewed immigration (53%), climate change and the environment (44%), and terrorism (42%) as the biggest problems facing Germany. Only seven percent of the surveyed Germans mentioned anti-Semitism as a problem of importance, while 15 percent of them named anti-Muslim racism as such.

"This survey draws a realistic picture of the mood in Germany," President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany Josef Schuster told i24news following the publication of the survey. "Due to the terror attacks by Islamic fundamentalists at the beginning of this year, a lot of people feel threatened. Unfortunately, most of the anti-Semitic crimes receive less attention."

"We need sustained efforts to struggle against anti-Semitism," he continued. "The German public must be aware of the danger of these extremists, who are fanatic anti-Semites."  more

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