Wednesday, June 24, 2015

France: Heavily armed soldiers photographed guarding Jewish wedding in Paris

Scenes of daily life in France...  No wonder Jews are leaving France.

The Algemeiner reports:

Soldiers stood on guard outside a Jewish
wedding in Paris. Photo: Twitter.
Heavily armed soldiers stood guard outside a Jewish wedding in Paris over the weekend, photos posted Sunday on Twitter showed.

Journalist Greg Dyett, of SBS World News in Australia, uploaded two images showing armed police and security officials lined up on the street with weaponry on hand in case of a possible attack.  Dyett said the Jewish wedding took place in Paris’ La Marais area.

France has mobilized thousands of troops to protect Jewish targets since a kosher supermarket was targeted by an Islamist militant in January. Four Jewish shoppers were killed in that attack.

French antisemitism watchdog the Bureau National de Vigilance Contre l’Antisemitisme announced in May that an average of three antisemitic attacks are committed against Jews in France every day, The Algemeiner reported. The figure was confirmed by Gilles Clavreul, the head of France’s department to combat racism and antisemitism.

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