Saturday, June 20, 2015

Spain: Sports writer claims ‘Jewish Lobby’ pressuring Barcelona to ditch Qatar sponsorship

Xavier Bosch is expressing a widely held view among European elites that Jews, their diabolical "lobby" and the "Jewish mafia" have a pernicious influence on the world.  For instance, French former financial advisor to Liliane Bettencourt (L'Oréal)  Patrice de Maistre was secretely recorded, in 2009, telling Mrs. Bettencourt, whose son in law is Jewish: "How odd, one always finds them [the Jews] where there is money".

The Algemeiner reports:

Spanish sports commentator Xavier Bosch wrote a column this week claiming a “Jewish lobby” and the Mossad were influencing the FC Barcelona soccer club.

In his latest op-ed for Mundo Deportivo, Bosch accused lobbyists with “unlimited money and inordinate influence” of trying to “control the world and its international institutions.” He warned against allowing a “Jewish lobby” to put pressure on Barcelona to end its $200 million shirt sponsorship deal with the Qatar Foundation.

Additionally, he said “Mossad agents” had infiltrated the club for years, perhaps referring to reports that former Barcelona president Joan Laporta hired detectives to spy on players. Laporta is again running for president of FC Barcelona scheduled for July 18.

Spanish pro-Israel group Hatzad Hasheni said it was “despicable” that Mundo Deportivo — the oldest sports publication still in circulation in Spain — would “provide Xavier Bosch with a platform to recite …  the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” It called Bosch’s lobbyist and Mossad accusations “plain wrong.” The group said it was “appalled and hurt” that Deportivo opted to publish the piece.

Bosch responded to claims his article was antisemitic, calling the allegations “a malicious misinterpretation of my piece.”  More.

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