Thursday, June 11, 2015

UK: Neo-Nazis vandalize park with Jewish menorah

Via Birmingham Mail:
Neo-Nazis have filmed themselves defacing a Jewish monument in Cannon Hill park – draping a swastika flag and hate slogans over it.

The extremists from sinister pro-Hitler hate group National Action also smeared anti-Jewish graffiti onto the park gates.

West Midlands Police are now investigating the attack after a video emerged last week on online video-sharing site YouTube.

It was uploaded from an account linked to National Action, a fascist youth group said to have previously been under investigation by anti-terrorism cops.

The video shows figures spray-painting a Jewish Star of David onto the park gates, with the caption “bankers” and ''1%"before they climb a menorah, a seven-branched candle stand used in Jewish worship.

One per cent of the German population was Jewish before the Holocaust. more

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