Sunday, June 14, 2015

UK: Reuters jeep hit by Israel illustrates violence against journalists worldwide

Via Ynet:

The Imperial War Museum in London decided to illustrate violence against journalists with a Reuters Land Rover which was hit by Israeli forces in Gaza in 2006.   The jeep is part of the Witnesses to War exhibit at the entrance to the museum.

The Land Rover was originally part of a 'journalism at war' exhibit in the Manchester branch, but it is now the only example of violence against journalism in the London branch.

According to an Israeli businessman who visited the museum this is a modern day blood-libel.  A nearby video shows the IDF response which claims that the soldiers did not identify the jeep as a press vehicle.  Since obviously anybody looking at it now in the exhibit can see it is clearly marked, Israel is shown as a liar and murderer.

The museum claims they uphold professional standards and did not in any way intend to advance a political or racist agenda by showing Israel as the only country where journalists are endangered.

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