Thursday, July 23, 2015

Belgium: Unmoderated antisemitic comments in on-line newspaper

Background: Belgian soccer team faces punishment over fans' anti-semitism and Hitler salutes and anti-Semitic slogans at football match

Jules Dieu writes:
"Hamas is fighting the Zionist invader like Belgian and French resisters
fought the Nazi invaders between 40 and 45."

Below is the translation of some of the comments following an article in a Belgian on-line news outlet (Sud Info) reporting on the behaviour of Beitar's fans but without a single hint at violence by Belgian football fans. Readers' reactions perfectly reflect what many Europeans are led to think about Jews, "Zionists", Israel etc.  The hatred and disgust reach fever pitch:

"What a bunch of whores."

"Mind you.  They will say it's the fault of Charleroi football fans.  They pretend that what is happening in Gaza is somedy else's fault."

"Netanyahu has pledged that there will be an inquest.  We know that their inquests are worthless."

"[The Beitar fans] are typical Netanahu's voters: racist and violent! this is yet another lie by a dangerous populist! Roll on the international tribunal and lock him up for his war crimes! Boycott Israeli products in the supermarkets: carrefour, colruydt, Delhaize and spar!!!!"

"Hamas is fighting the Zionist invaders like Belgian and French resisters fought the Nazi invaders between 40 and 45."

"They are wild beasts and should be isolated and lock[ed up]."


"They are little turds who think they are clever when they band together.  But when they are on their own they run away because they are traitors and have no balls."

"I can't understand the way Jews, who have suffered so much, behave towards the Palestinians.  They are keeping them in huge ghettos!  History is repeating itself!"

"This filth [Beitar players] are hate-filled just like those who murder Palestinian children.  The day when everybody will acknowledge this things will get better.  Let's not forget that terrorism is a result of injustice.  And terrorism will be fed for as long as there is injustice.  It's ugly but that's the way thing are."

"Like the murder of children who were playing on a Gaza beach?"

" I say choananas." [Shoananas is a song by French commedian Dieudonné poking fun at the Holocaust.  It means Holocaust Pineapples.]

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