Monday, July 20, 2015

Germany: Al-Quds Day speakers incited against Jews

Via QFR:

On July 11th, Muslim and pro-Palestinians gathered in Berlin for the annual Iran-backed "al-Quds Day".  About 650 people showed up.

Among the slogans shouted by the crowd:
16:48 - Khaibar, Khaibar, Ya Yahud (when the protesters caught sight of the Israeli flags held by the counter-protesters) 
19:47 - "Death to America, Death to Israel, the Jews are condemned, Islam will be victorious

The speakers focused mostly on the "Zionists", but used anti-Semitic stereotypes.  The Zionists are the "cancers of mankind", they are infidels, they bring only misery, death and despair to the world, they are puppet-masters controlling the politicians, police and the press.

The Zionists are Nazi, the Palestinians are facing a new Holocaust, anti-Semitism is not hatred of Jews etc. etc. etc.

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