Thursday, July 30, 2015

France: Thieves leave message "Dirty Jew. Long Live Palestine"

Le Parisien reports that the flat of  a Jewish couple at Bondy (Seine-Saint-Denis) was burgled and an antisemitic incription left on the bedroom wall. The intruders used a lipstick to write "Dirty Jew. Long Live Palestine". 

The Jewish pensioners had left on July 23 on a four-day holiday to Turkey when they received on their smartphone a message emanating from their alarm indicating that their flat had been broken into.  

A relative in France was also alerted and went to the flat with the police.  The burglars had gained access by breaking the kitchen window.  They rummaged through the flat and stole jewelry, shoes, fashion accessories and perfumes. A complaint for burglary aggravated by antisemitic insults was filed with the police.

Alain, who is 70, explained that the couple suffered a real trauma.  They have lived in the flat since 1974 but want to leave the area because they no longer feel safe.  Their own children and grand-children do not want to visit them there.  The couple was burgled last May and as a consequence installed an intruder alarm system.

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