Friday, July 17, 2015

Russia: Director of Moscow Jewish museum shot by assailant

The Times of Israel reports:

The director and founder of a Moscow Jewish museum was shot and seriously injured outside the institution by an unidentified assailant on Thursday.

Sergei Ustinov, a writer and businessman who is a prominent member of Moscow’s Jewish community and who also serves as vice president of the Russian Jewish Congress, was shot in his car by a man who promptly fled the scene.  He was evacuated to a hospital in the Russian capital.

Police said they were investigating several possible motives for the crime, including a business dispute and anti-Semitism.

Following the attack, the RJC called on Russian authorities to give special attention to the crime due to its possible anti-Semitic roots. Ethnic hatred, the group said, threatened “the very foundations” of the country.  More.

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