Sunday, July 26, 2015

French government's moves creating anti-Semitism

It should be underline that a fair number of the French elites referred to in this article are Jewish, be it in the media, in  successive governments, in universities, in NGOs, in BDS campaigns etc. One doesn't hear them when Israel is slammed and many happily join in. 

Guy Bechor writes @ YNet News:

If anyone needed a reminder, prestigious American magazine Vanity Fair published a huge heart-rending feature about the situation of anti-Semitism in France. It isn't happening during the Holocaust or during the Dreyfus trial, but now. 

Being identified on the French street as a Jew means taking a risk of physical violence, and even a life-threatening situation. It means entrenching oneself as a collective and hiding one's personal identity.  

The article reveals that the community of half a million Jews is considering its future in the country: It is a community which is packing its bags. "When did we become foreigners again?" local Jews are asking painfully. They, who were born in France, are now perceived as foreigners, while the Muslim immigrants feel right at home there.

Some will say that anti-Semitism in France does not come from the top, but is the result of the settlement of millions of Muslims in the country or of the old European anti-Semitism. But this claim is only partially true: The French government cannot deny its responsibility for the fact that its finest citizens are planning to leave the country.  [...]

The French government is responsible for the situation due to its clear pro-Muslim and pro-Palestinian policy, as well as the traditional hostility towards Israel (regardless of the identity of the ruling party). The moment they didn’t stop the public attacks on Israel, the street interpreted it as permission to attack the Jews – as there is no longer a distinction between them. "Death to the Jews" is the slogan being shouted during conflicts and pogroms in Paris, like what happened less than a year ago.  [...]

The French government cannot have it both ways: Level poisonous criticism and diplomatically press Israel while claiming that it is fighting anti-Semitism. These moves against Israel are the ones creating anti-Semitism.  More.

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