Tuesday, July 28, 2015

France: Paris synagogue members threatened with Kouachi brothers treatment

JSS News reports:

Saturday afternoon, after attending Shabbat prayers, at a synagogue in the nineteenth arrondissement, the congregation gathered for a "seuda" (snack) in the courtyard. The synagogue is located in a residential building at the Darius Milhaud street.  Two residents, referred to as "French" went down allegedly to "casser du Juif" (trash the Jews).

"I am going to finish the job of the Kouachis" yelled a resident on the first floor (another witness says he said  "the Kouachi brothers were right").  The other neighbour threw a bottle beer to the ground.Congregation members were surprised.  They indicated that they had laughed while eating hummus and drinking a small glass of alcohol, but had avoided being too noisy so as not to inconvenience neighbours.When they talked about the Kouachi brothers young Jews reacted, said a source to JSSNews. The two attackers were not expecting to be confronted by ten to fifteen young people who are no longer prepared to bow their heads.  A fight ensued until the police arrived.

"Anti-Semitic acts are a daily occurrence in the nineteenth arrondissement", explained JSSNews' source. "They now come to our synagogue. We young Jews can not accept this. We never hurt anyone, we are never a nuisanced. We behave as discreetly as possible. But from now on, we are not going to let acts like this pass".

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