Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Greece: Pro-immigrant concert attacked by anachists 'in solidarity with Palestine'

The concert was organized by antifascist groups who also fight antisemitism.

Via Against Antisemitism:
On the 16th of October 2015 a hip-hop concert was organized in the School of Economics (ASOEE) by the antifascist groups of ‘Antifa Negative’ and ‘0151’ in Athens, supported by antifascist and antiracist hip hop bands of ‘second generation immigrants’. The concert was devoted to immigrants of second generation in Greece, and the many problems they face from the Greek state, people that even if they are born and/or raised in Greece, they are not given the Greek nationality and full civil and social rights. The above-mentioned antifascist groups however are also well known because of their explicit struggle against antisemitism, both right and left-wing, in Greece.

The concert was attacked by a group of 10 anarchists in its very beginning. The attackers sprayed some slogans over ‘solidarity to Palestine’, threw flyers condemning ‘the fascist state of Israel’ and while leaving the place beat one of the organizers threatening that ‘they will meet again in the future’.
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