Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Netherlands: Jewish family attacked with firecrackers

The story was reported here, but the family was now interviewed and added further details.

Via AT5:

A Jewish family in Amsterdam was harassed by a group of youth on New Year's Eve. 

The group attacked a mother and daughter out on the street, and threw firecrackers at their heads.  When the two came inside, the harassment continued.  One of the daughters says that the youth rang the bell and shouted "Happy New Year", then "Free Palestine" and they tried to throw firecrackers through the mail slot in the door.  Her mother held the mail slot closed, so they broke the door and shouted "fuck Jews".  they also shouted through the window "open".

After ten minutes, they went away.

The family has been living in the neighborhood for decades and the daughters have lived there their whole life.  The father is a traditional Jew and recognizable as such, but the family never had problems before.

One of the daughters says that she's not afraid, but she gets the feeling that such things are becoming more acceptable and that now they have an excuse, namely Palestine.

The family debated whether to complain to the police, since they didn't want to escalate the situation, but due to the severity of the situation, they finally did so.

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