Thursday, March 10, 2016

Germany/Austria:Right-wing sites claim Jews are profiting off refugee wave

Via Der Standard (h/t Honestly Concerned):

In a new variation on the "Jews are behind the refugee wave" conspiracy, various German and Austrian 'alternative media' sites are claiming that the Rothschilds are making money off the refugees.

These sites, which claim to reveal the lies of the mainstream media, include Kopp-Verlag, "Compact", "Epoch Times" and, which is affiliated with the Austrian Freedom Party.  The latter site even put up a youtube clip to explain how it all works.

The conspiracy goes that the refugee homes are being managed by companies connected to funds which are or were owned by banks, which are owned by the Rothschild family (or at least mention Rothschild somewhere on their site).

The clip in question includes interviews with two people.  Udo Ulfkotte, former editor of one of German's main dailies, and Dr. Erik Lehner of the right-wing Institut für Staatspolitik (Institute for State Policy).

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