Thursday, March 10, 2016

UK: Former Labour activist expounds on Jewish control of US and Europe (and it's not a conspiracy because it's true!)

The Labour Party now expelled Trotskyist activist Gerry Downing from the party for the second time. 

Interviewed on the BBC about his views on the Jewish Question, he was asked about his assertions that Zionists plays a major role in the politics of all capitalist countries, that they're behind the witchhunt against Jeremy Corbyn, that they hold great sway over the three main British political parties, that they're in the vanguard of both injecting anti-Muslim hatred into Western politics and the capitalist offensive against the workers.

(clip via Sussex Friends of Israel)

Downing's reply was that this isn't a conspiracy, because it's all true.

A: "No, it doesn't [add up to a conspiracy].  It adds up to something very material, and that is the number of millionaires and billionaires of Zionist persuasion within the American ruling class and within the European ruling classes in general.  It is their economic and political power that leads to ridiculous situation."

Q: "So you think the Zionists, as you call them, play a key role in that."

A: "They obviously do play a key role.  They have dual citizenship in fact, most of them."

When the host tells him it sounds like "shades of the Protocols of Zion", Downing denies it.

A: "No, I reject absolutely the Protocols of Zion. This is based on a material political facts of the overwhelming political authority of Zionist politicians within the ruling classes of America and Europe.  It has nothing to do with their Jewish origins as such."

At least he admits he's talking about Jews.

Downing was not expelled for his blatant antisemitism.  

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