Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sweden: Jews converting to avoid harassment

Via Ynet:

Carinne Sjöberg, a former Israeli, serves on the Umea city council.  In an interview to Ynet, she said that she had met Jews who converted to Christianity due to the situation of Jews in Sweden.  She said she sometimes feels she has to deny that she's from Israel.  There are students in university and at school who don't walk with a kippah.

She told of a kid who was forced to pull down his pants at school in order to prove he was Jewish.  He was seriously traumatized.  She says her own daughter was harassed by a teacher, and it took a year until he was kicked out of that school.

She herself wears a magen-david pendant, and she says that often people comment on it.  Sometimes they spit on her, so she walks around with wipes.

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