Thursday, June 4, 2015

Europe: Jews widely viewed favorably

Via CST:
The Pew Research Center has published a new poll that, amongst other subjects, asked people in six European countries to say how favourably or unfavourably they view Jews, Muslims and Roma. The results repeat the findings of previous polls that show only a small number of people in the UK say they have an unfavourable opinion of Jews.

 According to this poll, 7% of people in the UK said that they have unfavourable opinion of Jews, compared to 86% who said they have a favourable opinion. Interestingly, in France 7% of people also said that they have an unfavourable opinion of Jews, while 92% said they had a favourable opinion - the highest of the six countries polled. This suggests that the increase in antisemitic incidents and related activity in both countries over the past 12 months may be the work of small minorities of people in both countries, rather than representing widespread popular attitudes. The country with the highest amount of antisemitism, according to this poll, was Poland, where 28% of people said they have an unfavourable opinion of Jews.

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