Friday, June 5, 2015

Poland: Cops probe raunchy photo shoots at Jewish cemetery


Via JTA:
Polish police launched an investigation into the actions of two young women who struck what observers said were provocative poses while standing next to headstones in a Jewish cemetery.

The investigation, which was opened this week, follows a complaint by the international commemoration group From the Depths to the Polish state prosecutor regarding photos of the women that surfaced online. They are suspected of violating a Polish law against offending religious sentiment at a place of worship or holy site.

One undated picture shows an open-mouthed woman wearing a black leather coat while pressing her chest and one of her thighs to an ornate Jewish headstone. The other, dated in 2012, shows the other woman standing on a headstone while wearing a very short miniskirt and a belt emblazoned with the word “Jesus.”  more

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