Tuesday, June 2, 2015

UK: Galloway will not make 'Israel free zone' in London as he tried in Bradford

How generous of him...  It shows how deeply ingrained Palestine has become in European political life.

The Jerusalem Post reports:

Controversial Respect party leader George Galloway who lost his Parliamentary seat in Bradford West at last month’s General election, has said he does not intend attempting to ban all Israelis from London if he should win next year’s mayoral elections in the capital.

Questioned on the BBC TV’s ‘Sunday Politics’,  he was pressed on the issue by program presenter Andrew Neil. He made clear that whilst he was not planning to declare London an ‘Israeli free zone’ it would certainly be his aim ‘to encourage the huge swell of pro-Palestinian support in London’.

“I think Palestine has more supporters in London than anywhere else in the country. But the Mayor is not the Pope and the Mayor is not the president and is not the prime minister or the foreign secretary.” More.

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