Sunday, May 31, 2015

Belgium: Municipal employee wishes he could kill all Jews in Israel

Via Le Soir:

A municipal guard / traffic warden for Molenbeek (Brussels) posted antisemitic comments on Facebook.  The mayor is looking into firing him.

Mohamed N., posting as "Bebeto Gladiateur", joined a discussion about a Turkish-origin MP who was expelled from his party for refusing to recognize the Armenian Genocide, but insisted on talking about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict:  "Jews means dirty.. if I was there in Israel, frankly, I would do the same to the Jews and shoot them down one by one as they do to the Palestinians".

Mohamed N., who meanwhile deleted his account, says it had been hacked.   According to Le Soir, this is not the first time he posted antisemitic comments.  In July 2014 he posted a quote attributed to Mohammed, "the Jews are your enemies, but you will vanquish them".

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