Monday, May 25, 2015

UK: Antisemitism prompts Scottish Jews to leave the country

The Jewish Chronicle reports:
Initial findings released this week from the nationwide survey ‘What’s Changed About Being Jewish in Scotland’ showed that a majority of the 6,000-strong community blamed the Gaza conflict for rising antisemitism, with 60 per cent saying the war had “negatively affected” them.  The full study will be published in full during the summer.

Unlike the last report in 2012, several participants were thinking for the first time about abandoning Scotland, while SCoJeC also discovered that “many more people” actively hide their Judaism to avoid discrimination.
One response, held up as typical by the body, said that “the conflation of the Israeli and Jewish identities within mainstream Scottish society has created a sense of collective accountability; that the Scottish Jewish community is somehow partly complicit and hence accountable for Israeli responses”.

Paul Morron, president of the Glasgow Jewish Representative Council, agreed that this conflation was “dangerous,” adding that the findings formed “a warning that the nature of the anti-Israel case and the extremity of some of the language used is having an adverse effect on the confidence of some Jews.” More.

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