Thursday, May 21, 2015

Netherlands: Pro-Palestinian protester charged with threatening Dutch Jews aquitted after he claims he only wants to kill Israeli settlers

Via De Telegraaf:

An anti-Israel protester in the Hague was recently sentenced to 150 hours of community service and 1000 euro fine for beating up a passer-by.

The protester has been standing for years in the center of town.  On August 10, somebody commented on his sign, and this led to a fight.

On July 16, he was standing at the Buitenhof square.  when a passer-by commented on his sign, he replied that "they should slit the throat of all Dutch Jews".  The prosecution charged him with threats and incitement to violence.  During the trial, the defendant claimed he had said that "the 700,000 Jews who live in the Occupied Territories should have their throat slit at night".  The man was acquitted as witnesses could not establish whether he was threatening Dutch or Israeli Jews.

He was acquitted of insulting Israeli president Shimon Peres.  When Peres came for a visit in 2013, he waited for him with a sign "Judeo Nazis not welcome".  He was arrested before Peres showed up, and therefore could not be charged with offending him.

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