Monday, May 25, 2015

UK: Self-proclaimed Nazi says Ukip has been 'taken over by Jews'

Jack Sen says he sees himself as a National Socialist.  

Via the Mirror (h/t HOPE Not Hate):
A failed Ukip general election candidate who was suspended from the party just days before the election has launched an astonishing anti-semitic attack on the the party, claiming it has been hijacked by "Jewish interest groups".

Jack Sen, who stood for the party in Lancashire West and won 6,000 votes, was suspended from the party after making anti-semitic comments on Twitter.

In a speech to far-right group the London Forum, he claimed he'd been suspended after a complaint was made by a prominent Jewish member of Ukip.


In his speech he said: ""I know the way I think and it might be anti-Semitic, I'm not sure."

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