Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Spain: BDS Protest Targets Radical Leftist Singer Noa

BDS is not about "criticizing Israeli policies".  If it were, they wouldn't be calling to boycott Israeli artists who agree with them.

BDS is about wiping Israel off the map.  They hate any Israeli Jew, no matter what they think.

Via Arutz 7 (h/t ISCA):
In an ironic turn of events, the radical leftist Israeli singer Achinoam Nini, known abroad as Noa, who has been accused of delegitimizing Israel on the world stage, on Sunday announced protesters in Spain had called to boycott her.

Her Facebook post announcing the incident included pictures, showing the protesters with signs calling to boycott Israel and Nini, as well as a picture distributed by boycotters that had a large red "X" through her face.

"We're in Spain, we had a wonderful performance this evening, but the protest calling to boycott us and Israel was very troubling," wrote the leftist singer. "It was hard to get over it but we succeeded, and the Spanish non-Jewish crowd which filled the hall gave us a lot of support and love."

She added, "it's important that you see these pictures. Unfortunately this happens a lot."

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