Saturday, May 16, 2015

Vatican: Pope calls Abbas 'angel of peace'

Last month the Pope said that "every Christian must be firm in deploring anti-Semitism, and show their solidarity with the Jewish people".   This week he welcomed Mahmoud Abbas, a Holocaust denier in his past, and an inciter to kill Jews in the present.  

The pope did not deplore Palestinian antisemitism and did not show any solidarity with the Jewish people. 

Via the Times of Israel:
Pope Francis praised Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas as an “angel of peace” during a meeting at the Vatican.

Francis made the compliment Saturday during the traditional exchange of gifts at the end of an official audience in the Apostolic Palace. He presented Abbas with a medallion and explained that it represented the angel of peace “destroying the bad spirit of war.”

Francis said he thought the gift was appropriate since “you are an angel of peace.”

Abbas is in town for the canonization Sunday of two new saints from what was then Ottoman-ruled Palestine. It also comes days after the Vatican finalized a bilateral treaty with the “state of Palestine,” making explicit its recognition of Palestinian statehood.

Update: The Vatican claims the Pope merely said that Abbas "could be an angel of peace".   Frankly, I don't see the big difference.

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