Thursday, May 21, 2015

UK: UN-related charity accused of 'Israel-bashing' by “unrelentingly bullying the Jewish state"

Via the Jewish Chronicle:

A Jewish member of a charity which promotes the work of the United Nations here has accused it of “Israel-bashing”

Members of the United Nations Association UK (UNA-UK) passed a motion at its policy conference at the weekend urging the British government to support a “carefully calibrated policy” of boycotting Israel unless it changed its policy and resumed negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.

They also called for recognition of a Palestinian state, an end to Israel’s blockade of Gaza and pressure on Israel to respect the rights of its Bedouin citizens.

But Geoffrey Ben-Nathan complained that nearly a quarter of the event was devoted to discussion of Israel.

“Year after year, UNA-UK criticises everything Israel says and everything she does,” he said.

“No-one else gets this treatment. For example, someone inadvertently left the name ‘Turkey’ on a motion about mistreatment of women. There was an immediate and overwhelming vote for the name to be expunged.” more

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