Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Norway: Many Muslims in Norway hate Jews

Norway, Israel and the Jews blog reports:
A survey among 500 Muslim youths about their relationship with the Jews and the State of Israel was carried out recently in Bærum.  The youth center Marie Plathe sponsored the survey. The center has long worked with youngsters who are in the process of becoming radicalized.

The figures from the study are not yet fully analyzed, but preliminary results, according to manager Ikhlaque Chan, show that Muslim youths lack knowledge about Jews, Judaism and Israel. Several also have trouble distinguishing between Judaism as a religion and Israeli politics.

No-one reported having had negative experiences with Jews and no-one said they dislike Jews.

However respondents said  that they use the term “Jew” as an insult. Several also believe that there is an American-Jewish conspiracy against Muslims.  More.

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