Thursday, May 14, 2015

France: Jewish "leading thinker" says antisemitism is a big problem

The Times reports:
"Public rallies after the massacres at the Charlie Hebdo magazine and a Jewish supermarket in Paris were a display of right-wing, middle-class Catholic-inspired hatred of Islam, according to a leading French thinker, who has provoked a furious row with the government over the meaning of the protests.

The demonstrations under the “Je suis Charlie” slogan, were a “totalitarian flash” of Islamophobia and selfishness, according Emmanuel Todd, a left-leaning anthropologist and historian, in his book Who is Charlie?

[...] there was more emotion generated by the magazine attack than the deaths of four Jewish shoppers two days later, he said."
Emmanuel Todd
Emmanuel Todd has finally noticed that antisemitism is a problem and that the French do not rally to protest against antisemitism.  As he wrote shootings of Jews at the Brussels Jewish Museum,  at a school in Toulouse and at Hyper Casher leave them undisturbed ("placidité").  A small number of intellectuals, but not Mr. Todd, have been warning for many years that antisemitism is a problem - and so many Jews have been ignoring the warnings.  Todd has finally jumped on the bandwagon of a growing number of people who are voicing concern.   Jews have left or contemplating packing their bags. 

The Jewish shoppers were killed because they are Jews - and not because of what they did or wrote.  Another reason is that their murderer and accomplices hate Jews and Israel.  Israel-obsession is a sentiment shared by many French "thinkers", of which many are Jews. 

By the way, Emmanuel Todd has been telling that he is Jewish!

In all fairness it must be said that there was a rally when Ilan Halimi was murdered.  One of the few non-Jews who attended was Philippe de Villiers, leader of a small right-wing party at the time.  He was unceremoniously kicked out of the rally out and subject to insults.  It was a very arrogant move against an honourable man just because he was considered to be too right wing. 

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